A True Community Leader.

Midland voters made their choices for the March 1, 2022, Primary Election which did not include me.

My Midland County Judge Campaign was a uniquely wonderful opportunity during these past several months.

I truly wish the best for Midland County under their choice for County Judge.

I slept well Election Night knowing I did all I could to try and win.

My Team and I ran an honorable, clean and issue-based race without mudslinging or rumormongering.
I am proud of our efforts.

Nearly 5,000 of Midland’s voters supported my run on Election Day, and for that and
for all the support my campaign has received, I will be forever grateful. 

These past several months have been a humbling journey for sure!!

Please remember to vote. In every election. 

Our March 2022 Primary was decided by less than 18% of Midland’s voting population.

Every Vote Counts. Especially Yours!

Thank you Midland County.

 Jonna Smoot 

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