Looking for a new best friend?

They’re looking for you too.

The Midland Humane Coalition has worked tirelessly to help more than 9,000 rescue animals like these find loving homes throughout the past decade.

“The year that we started there were 4,000 pets euthanized,” Midland Humane Coalition Media Specialist Terra Acox said. “So, we’ve made a big difference since we started.”

Volunteers here take animals from the shelter, vet them for health issues, spay or neuter them and then give their personalities a space to shine.

To understand why groups like coalition matter you should meet Pesto. He’s a gentle giant who was in the rescue system for more than 2,000 days before the Midland Humane Coalition took him and gave him a chance.

“It took a while to place him because he wasn’t friendly with people,” Smoot said. “He was, but he wasn’t socialized. So, he wasn’t the best fit.”

Now he fits in just fine with his rescuer Jonna Smoot who met him through the coalition.

She’s a coalition board member who stressed there’s a lot of cats and dogs out there like Pesto who haven’t been as lucky.

“There were many dogs that were abandoned, there were many dogs left tied to trees,” Smoot said. “There were many dogs left in homes. There were many dogs just out by the side of the road.”

Finding homes for all the animals is a tall order, but donations can make big a difference by helping buy food, leashes and other items the animals need.

Of course, one of the best ways you can help is by taking one of these cute faces home with you.

“A rescue dog is grateful,” Smoot said. “Everyone says it, but they are. They’re grateful and they’re happy to be with you.”

You can learn more about the Midland Humane Coalition by visiting their website here.

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